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Tent Wood Stove Accessories-Tryhomy

Tryhomy portable tent stoves are very popular for worldwide campers, its quality won high praise from them. With Wood Stove Accessories, your camping trip will be more safe, interesting, environmentally friendly and unforgettable. So we design and develop a series of stoves accessories for satisfying the campers' special requirements. 


    • Telescopic chimney:  Extend length 1.2 m; compressed length 16.5 cm; 0.4 kg
    • 45/90 Degree Pipe Section: φ4.8 cm
    • Spark Arrestor:  φ4.5 cm*16.5 cm; 0.05 kg
    • Stove Side Shelves:  30 cm*10 cm; 0.45 kg
    • 4pcs barbecue grill: 10 cm*20 cm(one pair)
    • Glass window grill: 24.5 cm*10.5 cm
    • Ash Tray: 16 cm*18 cm; 0.35 kg
    • Barbecue net: 10 cm*20 cm; 0.2 kg
    • 1200℃ high temperatures resistant transparent glass: 24.5 cm*10.5 cm
    • Wood stove accessories are good quality SS304 material or Aluminum Alloy
    • Don't deform after continuous heating
    • Good design, more convenient
    • Easy installation, you can change the accessories fast
    • With the 45/90 degree pipe section, indoor heating is possible
    • Hot tenting, escaping from smoke with an additional chimney

      Note: All accessories are suitable for our mini wood tent stoves, please rest assured to buy according to your needs.

          Tent Wood Stove Accessories-Tryhomy
          2260 3020

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