Tent Stove Jack With Rain flap

The emergence of Double Layer Tent Stove Jack greatly improves the utilization rate of your hot tent with stove jack. When you are using a wood stove inside your tent, you may need a stove jack. When the wood stove is no longer needed, or on a rainy day. The rain cover of tent stove jack played an important role in keeping out wind, rain and dust.

The outer protective cover can be closed with Velcro as an extra rain flap when a stove-pipe is not needed. And it can be rolled up when a chimney is installed. The fabric between the cover and the inner layer ensures that the cover is sealed when it closes.


Length: 23 cm/ 9 in

Width: 20 cm/ 7.8in

Weight: 90g 1.98lb

Material: Fiberglass

Made of fiberglass, the  tent stove jack is safe, non-flammable, as well as heat-resistant. The inner layer is used for cutting holes to install a chimney, protecting the tent from being scalded by stove-pipe. 

It allows people to cut chimney holes themselves according to the size of chimney flue pipes. And its Velcro design makes it easy to install and remove. And the one-piece cover design made it windproof and waterproof.

7.8" x 9“ Double Layer Tent Stove Jack With Rain flap

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