Tent Stove Pipe Chimney Flue Extension

Stove Chimney Flue Extension is used when your stove-pipe is not long enough to stick out of the tent roof.  With the Tent Stove Pipe, the length of stove chimney flue is extended. 2.36 inch diameter stainless steel tent stove-pipe can work with other tent wood stove chimney parts with the same diameter.


Diameter:  2.36 inch/60 mm

Height: 8.66 inch/22 cm, 10.24 inch/26 cm, 12.6 inch/32 cm

Material: Stainless steel

One end of the chimney extension is designed with a groove circle and the other one is in an enlarged diameter so that it and other stove-pipes can be accurately spliced together.

Its external weld is tightly connected, we select high-quality stainless steel as the raw material of our stove chimney part, being able to withstand high temperature and corrosion. Meanwhile, the stainless-steel pipe can keep the flue heats up faster and stays hot longer, minimizing the formation of creosote.

2.36"/60 mm Tent Stove Pipe Chimney Flue Extension

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