Metal Ring For Stove Jack

Tryhomy Metal Ring is a part installed on Tent Stove Jack which is designed to connect and fasten the chimney and protect your tent from being scalded by stove-pipe.

Made of steel material, the metal ring is corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant  that can fit snugly on top of a stove jack as a base.

The stove jack metal ring features 3.3"/3.7"/4.5" three different diameters so that you can choose the appropriate one according to your tent stove-pipe diameter.


Inner Diameter: 3.3"/8.5 cm, 3.7"/9.5 cm, 4.5" /11.5 cm

Material: Stainless Steel

Product include
 1* Metal Ring For Stove Jack

3.3"/3.7"/4.5" Detachable Metal Ring For Stove Jack

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