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Outdoor Giraffe Wood Burning Stove

SMILODON New Outdoor Giraffe Wood burning stove is a specially designed stove for outdoor activities. Its unique giraffe-shaped design is inspired by the appearance of the stove itself. This stove boasts an ultra-strong draft capability, allowing even wet wood to burn easily, making it more convenient for you to cook outdoors.


  • Stove size: 57*16*52cm
  • Folded size:  52*16*26.5cm
  • (including chimney) overall height 2.66m
  • Chimney diameter: 70mm
  • Weight :15KG
  • Material :304 stainless steel

Package Included:

  • Giraffe Stove x 1
  •  Chimney: 70mm*6
  • Telescopic leg*2
  • Wood clip*1
  • boiler face heat transfer plate*2
  • Funnel base*1
  • operating handle*1

    Ultra-strong draft capability: The stove has a powerful draft capability, allowing wet wood to burn easily even in humid environments, meeting your cooking needs in various outdoor conditions.

    Viewing window design: The viewing window is made of quartz heat-resistant glass, allowing you to observe the combustion inside the stove at any time, making it easy to adjust the flame.

    Expandability of the stove body: The buckle design on both sides of the stove body can meet various expansion needs, making it easy for you to adjust according to actual conditions.

    Efficient heat conduction: The stove features an aluminum alloy heat conduction plate made of 6-series aluminum alloy, ensuring superior heat conduction performance and more efficient cooking.

    Trapezoidal wood-adding port and drawer-style air intake: The trapezoidal design of the wood-adding port, combined with the drawer-style air intake, facilitates operation and improves the sealing performance, making the draft even more powerful.

    Overpass wood-adding port design: This design solves the problem of high-temperature injuries that may occur during the wood-adding process. The wood-adding port can be stored inside the stove, and the drawer-style air intake at the bottom facilitates lighting and fanning operations.

    Double-fold stove body: The double-fold design allows for quicker and easier unfolding and folding, making it a breeze to set up and store in various situations.

    Telescopic stove legs: The height of the stove legs is adjustable, allowing them to adapt to various uneven terrains and ensuring stability.

    Outdoor Giraffe Wood Burning Stove - Smilodon
    63801 70890

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