Stove Jack Kit For Tent

The Stove Jack Kit is designed for protecting hot tent from being scalded by chimney flue pipes, adopting thermal insulation material, which is non-flammable.

DIY tent stove jack allows you to cut holes on it to install a tent stove-pipe, so you can cut a hole DIY according to the diameter of a stove-pipe. 9.8 inch width is ideal for the diameter of the stove-pipe greater than four inches.


Length: 32 cm/ 12.6 inch

 Width: 25 cm/ 9.8 inch

Weight:  50g

Material: Fiberglass


Made of fiberglass, our stove jack is safe, non-flammable, as well as heat-resistant.

There is no burden to install a stove jack kit on the top of the tent. Not just because of its weight, but also because of its Velcro design. You can remove or replace it easily  if a tent stove jack is damaged or if you own several pipes of different sizes.

9.8" x 12.6" Stove Jack Kit For Tent

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