Stainless Steel Flue Chimney Extension

These extra pipe section is designed for Tryhomy Wood Stove, also work with other tent wood stove with the same diameter 2.36in / 6 cm. Made of stainless steel, they are anti-rust and anti-corrosion, used in many different situations. Their qualities have won high praise from costumers.


  • Diameter: 2.36in / 6 cm
  • Length: 12.6in/ 32 cm
  • 11in/28 cm when connected
  • Material: 304 stainless steel

Package Included: Stove Extra Pipe


Tryhomy Stainless Steel Flue Chimney Extension can be used in caping stove fittings or tent with stove jack hole, and can work as a part of indoor water heater pipes. If your stove chimney is not long enough to stick out of the tent roof, you can install this product to extend your pipes.

One end of the chimney extension is designed with a groove circle and the other one is in an enlarged diameter so that it and other stove pipes can be accurately spliced together.

Its external weld is tightly connected, we select high-quality stainless steel as the raw material of our stove chimney part, being able to withstand high temperature and corrosion. Meanwhile, the stainless-steel pipe can keep the flue heats up faster and stays hot longer, minimizing the formation of creosote.

Our additional pipe has passed the European safety standards —CE certification, hoping our products be the first choice of our customers with safety and high quality.

2.36in/6cm Stainless Steel Flue Chimney Extension

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