Stove Pipe Damper

Stove Pipe Damper is designed for controlling airflow and burn rate and efficiency in your stove. Made of high-quality stainless steel, the pipe damper is light, heat-resistant and sturdy.


Diameter: 60 mm/ 2.36 inch

Height: 220 mm/ 8.6 inch

Weight: 225 g

Material: Stainless steel

Thickness: 0.5 mm

Tryhomy Stove Pipe Damper is a 22 cm/8.66" long stainless-steel pipe with an adjustable damper for adjusting airflow and burn rate in your stove, working in reducing the draft on the fuel heaters and the diesel heaters. It only weighs 225g and is easy to carry.

We select high-quality stainless steel as the raw material of our stove air controller, being able to withstand high temperature and corrosion. Meanwhile, the stainless-steel pipe can keep the flue heats up faster and stays hot longer, minimizing the formation of creosote.

If you want maximum airflow, just let the airflow controller be open. Otherwise, if you want to keep the heat inside longer and use less wood, close the airflow controller to the position.

2.36"/60mm Stainless Steel Stove Pipe Damper

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