Mesh Tent Protector Pipe Sleeve

The main function of Stove Pipe Tent Protector is to replace a stove jack kit for heat insulation, working as a heat shield that prevents the tent from touching the hot tent stovepipe, which is the primary purpose of a stove jack.

Compared with Stove jack, tent protector pipe sleeve can better protect the tent from being scalded, and the length of 40 cm is enough to protect the tent jack hole. At the same time, the whole body mesh made this pipe sleeve cools faster.


Height: 40 cm/ 15.7 inch


10 cm/ 4 inch, ideal for 2.36 - 2.76 inch diameter flue pipe

12 cm/ 4.7 inch, ideal for 2.36 - 3.54 inch diameter flue pipe

Weight: 650g/900g

Material: Stainless steel

The stainless-steel material we use is sturdy and hardly to deform by hand, which can ensure a longer life of the furnace tube.

The mesh pipe protector is lighter that only weighs 600 g, easier to carry. Installation steps are very simple, you just need to assemble the mesh protector on the pipe sections and fix it at the position where the pipe exits through the stove jack by tightening the wing bolts included.

4" 40cm Mesh Tent Protector Pipe Sleeve

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