Tryhomy Portable Camp Kitchen Box Review


Tryhomy Portable Camp Kitchen Box 

What I bought was called the Ultimate Portable Camp Kitchen Box, this is a solution where I could just carry everything in one box and just take it with me. And know that everything that I need to go eat and have a good time and just enjoy the outdoors is there.



I love that Tryhomy put the camp kitchens within a box because you know shipping damage is super common.

I opened up the kitchen box, took the top side of the foam and the next thing you'll see is the entire product. This camp kitchen box is a lot lighter than i was expecting which is a good thing, because I am going to be dropping other things in here, like perishables, right food, cooking sets, gases to help power the stove that you'll eventually see inside. The fact that it starts out light makes me feel great.

When you load the camp kitchen box up, and it wasn't light anymore, that's why they put on like a carry-on style telescoping little handle. This was called a Camp Kitchen Box on wheel.

From the outside of the kitchen box, you can already see the clip that kind of holds all the lids together, they've actually got side handles, the wheels are made of rubber on the outsides, something like sand probably won't do as well on, so you need to carry a two-handed onto the beach.

How do you open this kitchen box up? Just go right into these side clips, there's one on each side. If you actually snag onto something like the rope or whatever it's actually not going to open it up accidentally. The stuff that you have in there is pretty safe because of this locking Mechanism, so push down it releases the locking oops you pull it right up, this will come out just like one of those old-school lunch boxes.

The sheet of aluminum alloy comes off as a cap and also part of the table already, this is supposed to be solid and waterproof, two pieces actually hinged together and underneath that you'll find 4 table legs are fixed, wonderful saving space idea. It takes about six turns of the wrist to install the table legs which is not too bad. At the edge of these two additional sheet of  aluminum alloy, you can see two hooks. And 2 hooks at each side of the box body that you can design yourself.

Once you get all the legs on, all you do is have this flip right over, connect the 2 pieces sheet of aluminum alloy. Then you have a table, and you have a cooking top.

While I'm cooking there I would have suggested adding a little leveler. A mini gas stove is included in the camp kitchen box. A windshield is actually attached on one sheet of aluminum alloy. If I have a relatively small pot I can just drop it right on top here, if it's something that's larger I'll have to put these open like so that will hold the larger pans and pots starters on each side.

Once I flip this over I Notice that there is a surprise comes out, a top layer natural wood board with kitchen sink where you can prepare camping meal, like washing and cutting fruits, vegetables and meat, an Intelligent Running Water System that you can use water like home. You can actually put anything on here because it is flat enough to be a table and very stable.

There is nothing in the Market that comes close to having a kitchen a storage area and a table set all folded into a very lightweight durable box, and the fact that I've already run into some things that I would do differently doesn't stop me from being excited about taking my kids on a road trip to like the beach or just going to the picnic down the Street or like full-on camping. 

Tryhomy Portable Camp Kitchen Box makes me feel good that I don't have to go to a place, and you know be worried that I don't have anywhere to sit. I could just bring my own table find an open shaded space and feel good about having the kids kind of sit there and have everything I need to make a hot meal. 

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