Portable Camping Kitchen Box Review

S Tadpoles

The Tryhomy Portable Camping kitchen Box was obviously designed by a smart producer who likes camping much.  It is the camp kitchen in one box which has multi-workplace including operation table,cooking station and dinner table, plus the trolley design which make it practical to bring on camping trips.


The main thing to like tryhomy portable camping kitchen box is that it is portable and space saving considering.  Compact, it is only 16 x 16 x 19.5 inches. It is easy to fit this camp kitchen box into any car trunk.

To use the camping kitchen box, just unfold and install the table legs, it takes only 2 minutes to change from a box to a kitchen cooking station. Coming with 2 pieces additional desktop position which can be switched arbitrarily makes it is ideal for outdoor camping with friends and family.

In many scenic spots where cars cannot enter, the portable camping kitchen box with wheel allows you to reach your destination easily and effortlessly. The high-quality wheels with a load of up to 100kg are still in good condition after countless camping trips in the wilderness.

If you are confused for bringing so many things, such as washing bag, cooking station, camping cookware organizer, outdoor picnic table for each camping trip, this multifunctional portable camping kitchen box must be the final choice for you. Camping kitchen box with sink coming with separate water supply system allows you to use water like at home. With 40L large storage space, you can put all your camping cookware into this kitchen box

With this portable camping kitchen box, you will have a happy, easy camping trip.

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