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Stainless Steel Hot Tent Stove

Tryhomy Hot Tent Stove is designed for heating and cooking in most tent and other winter shelters. Made with quality stainless steel, the tent wood stove is used for pickup truck camping and car camping. 

The great thing about this tent wood burning stove is that there's really no smoke, only some smoke at first until the stove starts to warm up. This wood stove does run really well with high efficient combustion.

The tent stove works well to cook food and create some heat for the shelter.


  • Material: Stainless steel and high temperature refractory glass
  • 1*Door glass window and 1* side glass window with grilles
  • Stove body size: 14.2*7.87*7.87 Inches (36*20*20 cm)
  • Open Size: 20.9*16.5*13.8/21.7 Inches (53*42*35/55 cm), extra leg to increase height 
  • Package Size: 15.7*8.3*9.8 Inches (40*21*25 cm)
  • Chimney Size: 4* 12.6in/32 cm and 1* 8.7in/22 cm(L), 2.36in/6 cm(R)
  • Spark arrestor: 10.2in/26 cm(L), 2.36in/6 cm(R)
  • Weight: 21.4 lbs (9.7 kg)
  • 6.56 ft/2 m total height from the ground to the spark arrestor

The viewing glass window on the door and one side of the firebox are designed for ambiance, but also to check on the status of your fire without having to open the box.

36*20*20 cm medium rectangular firebox fits 2-5 person sized canvas tents, teepee tents and hammock hot tents. Adjustable height from 260 mm to 460 mm with four folding legs and four extra removable legs.

Holes on the bottom firebox for ashes falling down allows ventilation to get up under your fire, and then the hot coals drop and allow that firebox to stay nice and warm. 

Inverted trapezoid drawer type ash box is convenient for ashes collecting. On what is the eight holes vent, you can just open it all the way up if you want to get your fire going a little quicker and minimize the smoke if you add wet wood.

Not only the main door handle but also the little vent in the front do not get hot which is very cool.

Double racks on the side works good for drying gloves or socks, or something can be set right next to the fire box. A sturdy top is actually 14 inches for two pans.

Compact and foldable design with folding legs, folding wings, pipe sections makes it easy to storage and transport.

The stovepipe comes in sections which is pleasant to add another section, get the chimney up a little higher. At the top of the pipe is the spark arrestor.

Package Included:

1*Stainless Steel Tent Wood Stove, 5*Chimney Section, 1*Glass Window Grilles, 1*Firewood Hook, 1 Pair of Gloves, 1*Spark Arrestor, 3*Snaps, 3*4 m Ropes

Stainless wood burning stove hold the heat a bit better and does not cool down quickly because it's made out of steel instead of titanium.

The stainless steel does weigh 20 pounds with the pipes included, So the Titanium wood stove is ideal for backpacking or hiking, but this tent wood burning stove is designed for camping or a hunting Basecamp. 

If you want a higher chimney for your hot tent, click Flue Chimney Extension.

If you need a damper to control airflow and burn rate, click Stove Pipe Damper.

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