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Backpack Titanium Tent Stove

This Titanium Tent Stove is a small and compact stove. Coming with ultralight material, completely foldable stove body, the wood stove is ideal for 1-2 person backpacking, backcountry skiers, hunters, and explorers. 

Made of high-quality 1.0 mm thickness titanium material that is strong, corrosion-resistant and non-deformable after using. As a fast fold titanium tent stove, you can install or package in 10 seconds for the hinge design.


  • Material: 1 mm titanium stove body 
  • Glass window: 1000℃ heat-resistant, 4 mm thickness 
  • Chimney: 0.1 mm titanium material, 6.6 ft/ 2 m/240 g, 9.8ft/3 m/360 g
  • Stove body size: 12*7.7*6.1 Inches (305*195*155 mm)
  • Height of furnace surface to ground: 245 mm
  • Storage size: 12*7.7*1.6 Inches (31*20*4 cm)
  • Stove body weight: 4.08lbs (1.85 kg)
  • Package weight: 9.26lbs (4.2 kg)


1*Mini Titanium Tent Stove, 1*2/3 m Chimney, 1*Spark Arrestor, 1*Smoke Damper, 1*Pair of Gloves, 1*Stove Storage Bag

The small stove can be used to cook meals, boil water, and keep you warm inside your tent during cold nights. With its compact and foldable design, the Mini Titanium Stove is perfect for solo backpacking trips where space and weight are at a premium. Its lightweight yet durable construction ensures that it won't add much extra weight to your pack, and can be easily carried in a backpackable design, the Mini Titanium Stove is perfect for solo backpacking camping trips, as it can easily fit into your backpack without weighing you down.

Moreover, the use of titanium in its construction makes it incredibly durable and resistant to deformation and corrosion even after multiple uses. The three-dimensional strengthening tent stove body further adds to its durability and enhances its rigidity, allowing you to use it in a wide range of environments.

The Mini Titanium Stove also has rapid thermal conductivity, ensuring that you can cook your meals and boil water quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it features a thickened hinge structure that provides stability while preventing warping, making it ideal for frequent and long-term use.

All in all, the Mini Titanium Stove is a reliable and practical choice for any solo backpacker looking for a lightweight and durable stove that can withstand the harsh, unpredictable conditions of outdoor camping.

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