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Tent Wood Stove For Winter Camping

Tryhomy Tent Wood Stove is designed for pickup truck camping and winter hunting.
Fits 2-6 Person sized canvas tents, teepee tents and hammock hot tents.
Rectangular firebox with one side viewing glass window and inverted trapezoid drawer type ash box and 260 mm high X-shaped folding 4-leg design. 
This Steel Stove is made with quality carbon steel, which is perfect for heating and cooking in most tent and other winter shelters.


  • Material: carbon steel and high temperature refractory glass
  • 1*Door glass window and 1* side glass window
  • Stove body size: 14.2*7.87*7.87 Inches (36*20*20 cm)
  • Open Size: 20.9*16.5*13.8/21.7 Inches (53*42*35/55 cm), extra leg to increase height 
  • Package Size: 15.7*8.3*9.8 Inches (40*21*25 cm)
  • Chimney Size: 4* 12.6in/32 cm and 1* 8.7in/22 cm(L), 2.36in/6 cm(R)
  • Spark arrestor: 10.2in/26 cm(L), 2.36in/6 cm(R)
  • Weight: 20.7 lbs (9.4 kg)
  • 6.56 ft/2 m total height from the ground to the spark arrestor


  • Made with high quality carbon steel material, used in tents is recommended
  • Easy installation, can be used, folded and stored in 15 seconds
  • Compact and foldable design makes it easy to storage and transport
  • High efficient combustion
  • Door Features a damper and a glass window for fire management
  • Ideal for Hot Tent Camping

Package Included:

1*Steel Tent Wood Stove, 5*Chimney Section, 1*Firewood Hook, 1 Pair of Gloves, 1*Spark Arrestor, 3*Snaps, 3*4 m Ropes

If you want a higher chimney for your hot tent, click Flue Chimney Extension.

If you need a damper to control airflow and burn rate, click Stove Pipe Damper.


      Smilodon™-CS Tent Wood Stove For Winter Camping-Tryhomy
      27920 36000

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