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Mini Titanium Tent Stove

Tryhomy Titanium Tent Stove is a foldable stove with adjustable detachable damper, stove spark arrestor and glass side panel. Made of high-quality 1.0 mm thickness titanium material that is strong, corrosion-resistant and non-deformable after using.

This tent stove is designed for heating and cooking in most tent and other winter shelters. Compare with other hot tent stove, this titanium stove with 12*7.7*1.6 inches body is ideal for backpacking.


  • Stove body material: 1 mm titanium, 1000℃ heat-resistant glass
  • Chimney material: 0.1 mm titanium
  • Chimney length: 6.6 ft/ 2 m, 9.8ft/3 m
  • Stove weight: 2000 grams
  • Stove body size: 12*7.7*6.1 Inches (30.5*19.5*15.5 cm)
  • Height of furnace surface to ground: 90 mm
  • Storage size: 12*7.7*1.6 Inches (31*20*4 cm)
  • Reminder: some small accessories are 304 stainless steel


1*Titanium Tent Stove, 1*2/3 m Chimney, 1*Spark Arrestor, 1*Smoke Damper, 1*Pair of Gloves, 1*Stove Storage Bag

Tryhomy Portable Tent Stove is a foldable that easy to carry, especially for solo backpacking camping.

Made of titanium, its three-dimensional strengthening tent stove body enhances the rigidity of the stove, minimize deformation and corrosion resistance, rapid thermal conductivity, also reduces deformation after high-temperature burning. The thickened hinge structure is more stable and will not warp after a long time of burning.

Titanium wood stove has multiple functions and is full of details, coming with a spark arrestor, front door air intake for increasing the intake air volume to increase the burning and control wood burning rate. 

The glass door and side panels provide internal lighting for the tent and observe the stove burning situation.

The necking design damper base is easy to install and use, the titanium rolling pipe.

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Mini Titanium Tent Stove For Backpacking-Tryhomy
39800 47800

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