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Collapsible Tent Stove-92% choose

Tryhomy Collapsible Tent Stove is a mixture of stainless steel (coated) and titanium parts, designed for heating and cooking in a shelter or tent. The wood stove body comes half-folded with two sides insert part, which makes it is easy to erect and put-away.

Compared to the collapsible titanium stove, this one is quite competitive in price. At the same time, unlike other heavy-duty steel wood stove and stainless steel tent stove, it can also be completely folded.


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Chimney length: 8.2 ft/ 2.5 m
  • Stove weight: 6.6lb/ 3 kg
  • Stove body size: 14.6*3.2*6.7 Inches (37*17*18 cm)
  • Height of stove legs: 4.7in/ 12 cm
  • Door Glass Window


1* collapsible Tent Stove, 1*2.5 m Chimney, 1*Smoke Damper, 1*Pair of Gloves, 1*Stove Storage Bag

The stove is packed securely and intact in a special bag that is ideal for folding wood stoves. Excellent little stove.

Door glass that extend your views to observe the situation of stove easily. More convenience to know when you need to add the wood.

Fast set up in minutes.  The nesting 4-leg design folds flat under the stove, which can stand the rough ground steadily.

The collapsible wood stove, is suitable for simple cooking and outdoor survival in winter camping. If you have more budget, you can choose our collapsible titanium stove, which is more sturdy.

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Stainless Steel Collapsible Tent Stove -Tryhomy
15800 19000

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